About the Circus

The Moscow Cat Circus (aka the Moscow Cat Theater) is a travelling circus show of trained cats performing ridiculous stunts for ignorant people. They recently finished an April 2010 tour in Israel, they continued to Germany this May and they continue to book more and more shows worldwide.

The cats are “trained” and exploited to perform unnatural poses and tricks, humiliating routines and are exposed to frightening or uncomfortable situations – all for the sake of “entertainment”. They face endless hours of ‘rehearsals’ and ‘training’ only to get subjected to big stages, bright lights, rowdy audiences and trainers who will do whatever it takes to make sure the cats avoid “mistakes” or “embarrassing” behavior on stage.

The touring circus can cover thousands of miles a year, carrying the animals from site to site in transporters and cages. Moving location each week means they spend most of the year in temporary accommodation. The animals may be confined for hours, even days, in their travelling cages, with their only respite being ‘rehearsed’, or performing.

When interviewed in Israel by a popular news station, the circus staff refused to allow the camera crew to film the house where the cats were being held in between shows!!! They also insisted the camera crew stop filming the piles of cats in cages backstage at their performances.


The original Moscow Cat Circus is led by Yuri Kuklachev (and now his son Dimitry). Yes, this is the same Kuklachev who filed anti-defamation lawsuits against dozens of Russian bloggers who accused him of torturing cats and has tried to SILENCE anyone who dared to speak up against the cruelty that goes on in the circus.

When news spread that they were performing in Israel, a bunch of very dedicated animal lovers set out to discover the truth that has been shoved under the carpet for over 20 years. We succeeded in contacting the Vet that worked with the circus for years and he expressed his happiness that the issue of cruelty to the cats in the circus has become a public discussion, as he now “no longer feels alone in this struggle”. (You can read the full interview here.)

When they toured in Israel, thousands of people joined the Israeli Facebook group boycotting the circus, spontaneous protests took place outside of theaters showcasing the circus all around the country, and the entire Israeli response caused such a stir in the mainstream media that we can only hope Kuklachev and his “Circus of Horrors” will not return to Israel again.

Immediately after, in May/June 2010, they toured in Germany and received the same response.

It is up to each country to take the same stand and help put an end to this 20-year long fantasy for good.

Please – boycott any tour of the Moscow Cat Circus in your town.

Please also contact your local PETA and ACLU representatives and tell them about this show. The civil and animal rights activists will help you to organize a boycott of the circus’s performances and to cancel them in your country.


Circuses are no place for animals! The cruelty that goes on behind closed circus doors to get animals to perform such ridiculous tricks has been exposed over and over again. This is the reason such circuses have already been made illegal in Sweden, Bolivia, Austria, Costa Rica, India, Finland and Singapore – yet barbaric circuses such as this one continue to make their way into our cities.

Your children should not be taught cruelty to animals and they should not be taught to see cats (or any animal) as an object that can be exploited.

Make no mistake – these cats are not doing these tricks voluntarily. There has been a lot of scientific research (including famous research on “learned helplessness”) that demonstrates that the treatment these cats are receiving leads to depression and anxiety that changes the biochemistry of their brains and leads to constant suffering and early death.

It is truly unbelievable that we have entered a new millennium and a new decade with animal circuses like these still going on.

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