The Ugly Story of the Moscow Cat Theatre

What Kuklachev doesn’t want you to know

Witnesses silenced, mysterious lawsuits, information and evidence disappearing, charlatan doctors and scientists, and sadistic clowns – sounds like a horror movie? Maybe, but that is the grim reality of the Moscow Cat Theatre as it appears after our investigation into the matter.

It seems that despite the declarations of Kuklachev that “No animal rights organization prevented the appearance of the circus”[1], the ugly truth is that quite a few people objected and published information about the abuse of cats in the Theatre, but they were silenced by Kuklachev.

It all began when 34 bloggers from all over Russia received court summons or legal threats to remove from their site content that criticized Yuri Kuklachev and the Moscow Cat Theatre [2]. As a result, it is much harder to find information about the subject these days. We managed to find two people who are still willing to speak up against Kuklachev – and what we hear is disturbing.

Misha Verbitsky is a mathematician, a blogger, and a website operator. One user on his website had published a song which mentioned Kuklachev (“..and that fucker Kuklachev…”) – and received a rude warning and an order to remove the content from his website.

The message was as follows:

“Your resource contains deliberately false and libelous information, damaging the honor and dignity of People’s
Artist of Russia Jury Kuklachev and the professional
reputation of the government culture institution of the
city of Moscow, the Kuklachev’s Cat Theater”

For the writer of the original song it was enough to change it, and Misha wrote about the story on his personal blog. Six months later he received a summons to court, as his blog entry “is damaging the government institution’s reputation” – which is, Misha adds “serious business in Russia”.

Misha Verbitsky

Misha Verbitsky

Misha agreed to answer our questions regarding his claims against the circus.

Hello Misha, Can you describe what acts of cruelty occur in the circus?

A lot. A witness claimed that to train the cats to jump fast, Kuklachev uses electric heaters and cats’ feet are burned, often dangerously. Kuklachev’s former veterinarian has seen that to train the cats to sit still on posts, Kuklachev ties a noose around their necks, so that if the cats jump, they would suffocate (not to death, but still unpleasant).

You raise some serious accusations – have you got any reliable sources for them?

I have some legal witness for the libel lawsuit started by Kuklachev. The judge refused to take this evidence as he claimed it’s all personal opinion. Still, I suppose that in case of another lawsuit, my base is well covered.

Kuklachev claims that he uses “love” to train the cats, what do you think about that?

Kuklachev is also a member of Russian Academy of Natural Scientists (RAEN) [3], a professional organization for crank pseudo-science, and he used his cats as a test case for chemical experiments by one of most infamous RAEN charlatans (Viktor Petrik)[4][5]. Petrik has on his site some letters from Kuklachev about details of this chemical experiment. Kuklachev is also a follower[6] of Mirzakarim Norbekov[7], an infamous crank healer, also from RAEN. Kuklachev leads a Norbekov healing program for kids in his theater.

I think this “love” has just as much credibility as Norbekov’s “healing” and Petrik’s crank chemistry.

Are you aware of any other country protesting against the circus?

No, Israel is the first case.

What about Russia? Did any animal rights/welfare organization over there protest against the use of animals in the circus?

No, Kuklachev is an iconic figure among the Soviet emigrants who were kids in the 1970’s because he was on TV so much then, and he caters almost exclusively to this kind of audience. There are not many animal defenders in this demographic group. This is why Kuklachev’s animal cruelty became a public affair just recently, after he tried to suppress information on the internet causing the opposite effect.

The animal circus business in Russia is a famously grisly affair, but nobody cares much, people are too hungry for entertainment.


After the interview with Misha, we decided to try and find out more about Viktor Petrik, the one whom Kuklachev allegedly performed the experiment on his cats for. We found quite a bit of interesting information – Petrik, a self-proclaimed “academic”, is considered close to many politicians in Moscow, including Pr. Putin. On the other hand, scientists and academics claim he is no more than a fraud.

Confirmation to the claim that Kuklachev actually performed the experiment, we found on Petrik’s own website [8] – This is a letter sent to Petrik from Kuklachev, in which he thanks him for the opportunity to perform the experiments, and tells him the results. From the letter it is obvious that Kuklachev gave his cats an unknown chemical, with unknown effects.

An extract from the letter:

“…After we’ve received from you in 2008 a medical device.. we performed experiments on our cats with it. As a result of internal use (with their drinks) and external use (for injuries caused by other cats and by people working with them)…”

Letter sent to Petrik from Kuklachev

Letter sent to Petrik from Kuklachev

Animal experiments are ethically wrong, and testing an unknown substance on the theater animals is an irresponsible and dangerous act.

Kuklachev didn’t face legal problems, however, since in Russia there is no law that protects the animals. An attempt to pass such a law was failed by a veto from Pr. Putin in the year 2000 [9].

This may also explain why in all the discussions in Russian courts about Kuklachev’s lawsuits, never once were the claims of animal abuse discussed.

Veterinary Evidence

One of the main witnesses in the case is Dr. Nikolay Loginov, a known veterinarian who has been working in the field for 33 years. Loginov is the founder and director of an organization providing veterinary care for circus animals in Russia. Loginov had provided veterinary services for Kuklachev for many years (voluntarily), until the latter had abruptly told him to leave.

Dr. Nikolay Loginov

Dr. Nikolay Loginov

In response to our letter, the doctor expressed his happiness that the issue of cruelty to cats in the circus has become public discussion, as he now “no longer feels alone in this struggle”.

Dr. Loginov was happy to answer our questions:

Hello Dr. Loginov, can you tell us what your role was in the theatre?

I supplied veterinary treatment and services to the Moscow Cat Theater since 1991. Kuklachev did not pay for those treatments, and our clinic had to bear all the costs. In addition, I have organized for food supply from the company MARS, in exchange for sponsorship.

Can you describe to us a case of cruelty in the theatre?

After we were forced by Kuklachev to leave our clinic, there were 25 sick and recovering cats left in the isolation ward. Only later did I find out what happened to those cats. By Kuklachev’s order, those cats – which have earned him money for 10 years – were killed. I was shocked, and it was very hard for me to live with this fact.

What happens to elderly cats, or those who can’t perform for any reason?

Cats who are too old, or not eligible for any other reason, are usually killed or thrown – though in public Kuklachev claims that he finds them homes.

Do you have any idea why Kuklachev abruptly fired you?

The only reason for conflicts between us while I was working there was the cruel treatment of the cats. At some point I could no longer stand aside.

Kuklachev had asked us to vacate the clinic after he convinced government officials in the importance of his theater and started receiving a budget from them. With that money he hired 3 young veterinarians.

Some people think you say those things about Kuklachev out of anger, what would you say to those people?

I want to assure you that I have no desire to take revenge on this man. I believe that there is a God and that he sees everything. My only reason in opposing Kuklachev is to protect his cats from himself and his dirty business.

So to these people I would say that my attitude towards Kuklachev is based on the cruel treatment of my patients, who needed my help.

Thank you very much! Is there anything you would like to add?

Kuklachev sees the animals as machines that produce money. He only looks at them from a commercial and consumerist point of view. For the business to be profitable he advertises it all over the world as unique, especially for children, and the only one of it’s kind in the world.


What he hear from Dr. Loginov paints a very unpleasant picture of a cold attitude towards the cats, and evidence of abuse and neglect.

There is no doubt that there are many things left unknown about the Moscow Cat Theatre, thanks to Kuklachev’s lawsuits. However, it seems that the reality is not happy and cheerful as the circus’s publications promise us.

There are also things that Kuklachev is not even trying to hide at all. “Boris got 25 cats pregnant” he announces proudly. According to him they impregnate all females at least once, “to prevent them from getting cancer” [10] – something every veterinarian can tell you has no scientific reasoning. Every cat lover would oppose such a practice when there are so many cats who are abandoned and die on the streets.

We have contacted Leonid Landsman, the theater’s impresario in Israel, to ask for his response to these claims, but he has refused to talk to us.

Israeli media interest

The media has published several articles about the circus. Additionaly, on Thursday the TV show “Uvda” discussed the circus and the campaign against it.

In the video, we can see Leonid Landsman asking the photographers to stop filming the cages in which the cats are held. Also, he did not allow them access to the apartment in Ashkelon where the cats were held between the performances.

behind the scenes

Subtitle translation: “Come on Igal, enough, stop filming this. Come on – enough.”

Another interesting fact the news report has revealed is that the Deputy Director of the Jerusalem Theater was not informed that she was going to host a cat circus. According to her, she was only informed that “it is a show for children”.

To view the news program, click here.

About the campaign

The campaign against the cat circus was a spontaneous initiative of ordinary citizens which has gained momentum within days, creating a buzz all over the country and a discussion in the Russian blogosphere.

We want to thank everyone who took part in this campaign, and hope that it will be possible to use the momentum in order to promote a complete ban of animal circuses in Israel.



12 Responses to The Ugly Story of the Moscow Cat Theatre

  1. Irena says:

    What a disgusting stupid cheap lie! His cats live at live home. It’s is easy to find out. They are all rescued from the streets. And there is no way to make a cat willingly perform unless you show sincere love and prove it! Cats are very grateful and smart! Especially rescued from -30c. I also easily trained my cats but they do the tricks while playing and willingly!) not like dogs thought orders.

  2. Irena says:

    Kuklachevs cats live in his house, and all rescued from streets. There is no way to make a cat perform by anything else but sincere love otherwise they just don’t. That Misha is a famous scandal money maker in Russia. No one respects him. He wrote this article because dog club and dog magazine paid him. Because they need to breed and sell more dogs. So they need to make people believe as if cats are not smart and not possible to train.

  3. minxish says:

    Irina, Michael, you are both idiots, living in a dream world.
    Rescuing cats doesn’t automaticly mean respecting them afterwards. He only rescues them, because this way he doesn’t have to pay for them.
    You conveniently don’t want to notice the veterinarian’s statement, which is obviously genuine.
    Irina you really think this is some kind of cats versus dogs war???? Your brain is on the level of a 3 years-olds.
    Don’t bother, everyone knows dogs are 1 million times more clever than cats. Exactly this is the strongest evidence, as a cat would never ever would willingly perform anything, unless cruelly forced to do so and fearing for his life.

  4. Elena says:

    This is utterly disjusting. Anyone who has come across cats in their lifetime would be well informed that they are not submissive animals unless it is a requirement of their survival. Cats are not meant to be laid down on their back, twirling fire batons for ignorant people’s entertainment. If a cat had the choice to be free and live it’s own life, how many of these circus acts do you really think it would go out of its way to perform? The honest answer is none. It is universally known that for centuries animals used in circuses have been made to perform such unnatural tricks and movements, through methods that are undeniably torture and this case would be no different. We are not able to verbally communicate and explain situations with these animals as we do with humans, they’re is no backlash for unfair treatment of animals as they are unable to speak up for themselves, making it easier for their tormentor to get away with such inhumane treatment. If for some reason you still don’t believe that what is going on in this circus is wrong and unnatural then ask yourself this question. How many times have you seen a cat outside of this circus twirling a fire baton over its body, or walking a dog in a pram, or performing a handstand on its two front paws? They don’t, because they don’t want to, and the only way to make cats perform such unnatural tricks is to make it their only option to survive. Don’t be ignorant, not one part of this circus is okay.

  5. Chris says:

    what a bunch of racist bullshit! Y’all hate his cat theatre because a) you’re a bunch of anti-Russian bigots, and b) you hate all good and cute things on this planet. You can’t train a cat using abusive method, you brain-dead morons. And even more than that, Kuklachev actually /rescues/ cats and treats them well! Are you saying you’re against helping street cats, you heartless bastards??

    Jeeze St. Jeezum, what unfathomable stupidity. And it’s idiots like you who encourage the dumb-asses at PETA to spend their time protesting cat circus tours rather than rescuing tortured exotic animals from drug dealers or investigating car companies that use monkeys and dogs to test gas emissions.

    Please print this site, roll up the sheaf of printed paper, and stick it up your asses. Then have yourself committed to a drug and alcohol rehab, because I don’t believe that anybody could believe in something so stupid /while sober/.

  6. Sergei says:

    What a bunch of disgusting lies. You should be ashamed of yourself for smearing Kuklachyov’s name on the word of a disgruntled veterinarian. Everyone can visit the Moscow Cat Theatre for themselves and see how the cats live. The rooms have glass walls, and you can see everything. You can also visit a performance and see how the cats behave and react to the clowns. Any owner knows how a happy cat vs. a stressed cat looks. Go visit a performance and see for yourself. The fact that the creators of this smear website didn’t even attempt to talk to Kuklachyov before spreading these lies tells you everything you need to know. These are either extortionists, or stupid people “on a mission” who like to think they’re protecting animals, but in reality are smearing good honest people.

  7. Zio says:

    He was awarded for “human treatment of Animals” in Canada in 1976
    I don’t know Much about him but I don’t know Much about you either
    And you can’t force Cats to do What they don’t want to do, it’s scientifically proved. No burn or Electric shock Will make a cat Jump at your command

  8. Jordan says:

    Wow you are all way too trusting or can not imagine the real truth as its too terrible

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